Join the “App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World” Online Launch Event on March 10th

Join the “App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World” Online Launch Event on March 10th

VMware Tanzu

On March 10th, VMware will launch its new VMware Tanzu portfolio for modernizing applications. At VMworld 2019, they announced an exciting vision on commoditizing the infrastructure and empowering developers, both using Kubernetes. Project Pacific will integrate Kubernetes directly into vSphere and the VMware Tanzu product family will bring Kubernetes to the enterprise by commoditizing it across cloud environments. VMware acquired Pivotal, Heptio and Bitnami, so it’s very clear VMware is going all-in on Modern Apps!

The “App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World” event will unveil VMware’s strategy on how customers can “Build, Run & Manage” modern apps consistently across multiple cloud environments. The event will be streamed as an online launch event so make sure to register at:

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Pat Gelsinger (CEO), Raghu Raghuram (COO), Ray O’Farell (EVP) , Joe Beda (Principal Engineer) and Kit Kolbert (VP & CTO) will be present, so high levels of energy, expertise and enthusiasm are guaranteed!

Global influencer Event in San Francisco and Palo Alto

I was extremely fortunate to be invited by VMware to attend a special influencer event in California around the Modern Apps launch event. Unfortunately, the in-person influencer event was cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak. I’m pretty disappointed I’m not able to travel to San Francisco to attend this exciting launch in person (and visit the VMware campus in Palo Alto) … but safety first!


The online launch will definitely continue as planned, and I am able to attend a special NDA briefing before the launch event itself. That’s still pretty awesome!

I’m really looking forward to the launch and I can’t wait to hear how VMware is shaping its future on Kubernetes and the Modern Apps journey.

PS. Did I already tell you to register at register at:

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