Video tutorial: NSX-T Logical Networking Basics

Video tutorial: NSX-T  Logical Networking Basics

In my previous video and blogpost, I explained how I set up a fully nested vSphere 7 homelab with NSX-T. Now I want to go back to basics with NSX-T Logical Networking.

There is so much exciting content out there on some of the most advanced use cases for NSX-T and last week I realized, after talking to a vSphere-only customer, a lot of people are just starting their network virtualization journey.

Also, the best way to learn is to teach, according to Frank Oppenheimer, so recording these videos also allow me to refresh my core NSX-T skills.

Topics covered in the video

  • NSX-T Logical Networking
  • NSX-T Segments (Logical Switches)
  • Geneve Network Encapsulation Protocol
  • Distributed Routing (on the T1 router)

If you have any questions about this video, you know how to reach me (best on Twitter).

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