Video tutorial: Adding High Availability to my NSX-T Routing Topology

In my previous video and blogpost, I explained how I set up a fully nested vSphere 7 homelab with NSX-T. In this video tutorial, I’m adding a second VyOS appliance and a second NSX-T Edge Node to my homelab. The video covers setting up the proper Edge Uplink profiles, configuring the Edge Nodes, and finally setting up an Active/Active T0 router with BGP and ECMP. The video also briefly covers the configuration of the VyOS appliances.

Topics covered in the video

  • NSX-T Routing Topology
  • Edge Uplink Profiles
  • Edge Nodes
  • Active/Active Tier0 routing with ECMP
  • BGP
  • Tier1 distributed routing
  • Redundant VyOS configuration with VRRP

If you have any questions about this video, you know how to reach me (best on Twitter).

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    Mbriet on February 8, 2023 Reply

    how the vm on the segement can access to internet
    i have the same config but my vm can only ping local adress not public

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