Vembu BDR Suite v5.1 Product Overview [sponsored]

Vembu BDR Suite v5.1 Product Overview [sponsored]

Vembu has been a long-time partner of my blog, and I’m excited to share some updates on the latest release of their flagship product BDR Suite. As I wrote in one of my earlier articles, Vembu did a significant upgrade to BDR Suite with the release of v5.0. BDR Suite is a very comprehensive data protection solution covering on-premises data centers with support for VMware and Hyper-V, Windows, and public cloud offerings like AWS, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and so on. You can even protect Windows and Mac endpoints.

What I really like about BDR Suite is how consistent the user experience is. You can protect all these targets from a single console and the workflow is very consistent. This makes it very easy to set up your protection across a heterogenous landscape.

Let’s go over some of the new features introduced in BDR Suite v5.1.

New Features

Object Storage Backup Repository

You can now use the AWS S3 and S3 compatible object storage as a backup repository to directly store the backup data.

This is a great and secure (air-gapped!) way to efficiently store your backup data in the cloud. You can leverage S3’s Lifeycle policies to further optimize your costs by pushing your backup data to a cheaper storage tier as time progresses. These cheaper tiers are cheaper but have the same level of reliability and durability. They simply have a lower performance and data retrieval takes longer.

Backup Copy

The backup copy feature allows you to create a copy of your primary backup data and store it in a different backup repository. If the primary backup data is damaged, the backup copy can be used to recover data.

For companies looking for high data durability on their backup data, it is now possible to replicate to a second backup repository.

BDR Cluster Deployment

BDRSuite now allows you to simply scale-out your existing BDRSuite Backup Server when it requires extra resources to handle growing workloads. Instead of expanding the CPU and RAM resources of the same BDRSuite Backup Server, you can install multiple instances of the BDRSuite Backup Servers and have them work together for load balancing and high availability.

With IT environments growing rapidly, your backup solution needs to keep up. The traditional way of scaling up (adding more RAM and CPU) simply won’t cut it anymore. Being able to scale out BDRSuite by simply adding additional Backup Servers is a prefect wat to scale your backup solution.


  • Backup database optimized for better performance
  • Reconnection attempts for the backup replication to Offsite DR Server
  • Option to run the tape backup jobs immediately after saving it
  • Option to run the tape backup jobs on-demand from the BDR & ODR Server
  • The tree listing of the tape backup recovery page has been updated
  • Automatically backup the tape agent database daily for disaster recovery scenarios
  • Restore OneDrive/Group OneDrive files & folders to local storage drives
  • Download Microsoft 365 Calendar & Contact items directly from the BDRSuite Backup Server UI
  • Restore Google Drive files & folders to local storage drives
  • Download Google Workspace Calendar & Contact items directly from the BDRSuite Backup Server UI
  • AWS EC2 Instance level Recovery

Free trial download

If you want to try BDRSuite for yourself, head over to the Vembu website and download a full-feature trial today!

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