Vembu BDRCloud for Microsoft 365 [sponsored]

25. September 2022 Partners 0
Vembu BDRCloud for Microsoft 365 [sponsored]

My friends at Vembu asked me to write a short blog post about the Microsoft 365 support in BDRCloud. With the growing adoption of cloud services like Microsoft 365, IT professionals need to ensure that corporate data remains safe at all times. As Vembu explains on their website, there is a shared responsibility when protecting data in Microsoft 365:

Microsoft’s ResponsibilityCustomer’s Responsibility
Protect physical data center, hosts, network, and all other physical equipmentProtect the data that resides in services on top of the physical Microsoft 365 infrastructure
Provide security for Microsoft 365 cloud servicesConfigure the security controls, access permissions, and secure endpoints accessing M365 data
Provides basic data retention with limitations (file versioning, deleted items retention, etc.)Protect data so it can be made available beyond the retention periods provided by Microsoft 365 and align these with the needs of your business, including compliance requirements
M365 basic data retention stores data inside the Microsoft cloudEnsure the 3-2-1 backup best practice is met by creating multiple copies of M365 data and separating production data from backup data
Meets basic compliance requirementsMeet compliance and legal requirements that align with the business

To this end, it’s essential to implement an effective backup strategy for your Microsoft 365 environment and Vembu BDRCloud provides exactly that capability! Read on to discover more.

Microsoft 365 backup using BDRCloud

Vembu BDRCloud is designed to protect your critical data against unplanned downtime. Once installed, BDRCloud can start protecting your data in Microsoft 365 thanks to the native integration with the Microsoft 365 platform. BDRCloud enables you to set up a backup plan in a matter of minutes. BDRCloud provides the following key advantages for backup and recovery of Microsoft 365:

  • Affordable, flexible, and powerful backups for Microsoft 365
  • Backup and recovery of Exchange Online, Contacts, Group mailboxes, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Teams
  • Complete control over your Microsoft 365 backup data
  • Granular backup and recovery, including the entire domain or specific users
  • Export your data how you need it, when you need it, including PST, EML, VCF, ICF, and many other formats
  • Microsoft 365 ransomware data protection


Vembu BDRCloud has been designed to make data protection affordable and easy. It is important to put your own data protection strategy in place on top of the built-in Microsoft 365 capabilities. With Vembu BDRCloud this can be done quickly and cost-effectively. If you want to learn more, please check out their website and activate a free trial of Vembu BDRCloud!

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