Why you should attend VMware Explore Europe‍ | 7 – 10 Nov. 2022

Why you should attend VMware Explore Europe‍ | 7 – 10 Nov. 2022

In just a few weeks, the vCommunity will travel to Barcelona for VMware’s annual tech conference. After attending almost every edition since 2012, this year feels different for multiple reasons. First of all, the event will be 100% in-person. I’m so much looking forward to spending a week with friends, colleagues,and peers in Barcelona after two years of virtual editions. Virtual conferences are just not my cup of tea. Second, VMware is rapidly transforming from an on-premises virtualization company to a multi-cloud SaaS/Subscription company. VMware even changed the event’s name from VMworld to VMware Explore, to emphasize this renewed focus. With this blog post, I want to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect from your favorite tech conference in 2022. If you haven’t registered for VMware Explore yet, don’t hesitate any longer and register at https://www.vmware.com/explore/eu.html.

Attendee experience

VMware Explore is not just about the content; it’s also about the experience you have while attending. Apart from the sessions and formal networking events, there are so many opportunities to meet people from the vCommunity. I always like to spend time at the expo hall as well. Here, you’ll be able to experience the latest in cloud and virtualization technologies with exhibitors showcasing their latest technology. It’s very interesting to see the change in types of exhibitors here as well. With VMware’s increased focus on multi-cloud and modern apps, companies like AWS, Microsoft, Google, but also RedHat, Redis, and more are at the Expo Hall. Check out https://www.vmware.com/explore/us/attend/plan-your-experience.html to plan your experience!

The Future is Multi-Cloud; VMware’s 3rd Chapter

While the world is still largely using on-premises systems for critical business applications, enterprises are increasingly moving to modern, multi-cloud platforms. This shift is happening as industries experience a surge in demand for applications that are highly scalable, easy to manage, and easy to integrate. Ever since the introduction of VMware Cloud on AWS, VMware has been shifting to a public cloud focus with its products and solutions. Now, the focus is shifting to multi-cloud. Raghu Raghuram (VMware CEO) calls it the 3rd chapter for VMware. Many of the new multi-cloud solutions (i.e VMware Tanzu, VMware Aria and more) will be prominent at VMware Explore. 

New Speakers, New Format and Different Sessions

New speakers are always exciting, and VMware Explore is no different. VMware Explore welcomes new speakers from different backgrounds and industries who offer new perspectives and experiences on the topics and challenges facing organizations today. VMware Explore puts more emphasis on customer success across sessions. There are more sessions than ever in which customers and their partners share how they have successfully deployed VMware technology to solve their business problems. ITQ employees will also host several sessions at VMware Explore. I’m really proud so many ITQ employees take the stage. Make sure to check them out in the Content Catalog at https://event.vmware.com/flow/vmware/explore2022eu/content/page/catalog.

Keeping a University Medical Centre running during a VCF transition 

Richard van Dantzig is participating in this Breakout Session:


At University Medical Center Utrecht, the current VMware Cloud Foundation environment based on VXrail has become outdated. A new VMware Cloud Foundation environment is deployed to mitigate the current problems and be ready for future workloads. In this session, we will bring an overview of the challenges and possibilities of this project obtained from a product owner, architect, and consultancy partner view. Learn about how we did this IT operation while the surgeries in the medical center continued.

Products: VMware Cloud Foundation

Level: Technical 200

Industry: Healthcare

Tales From the Trenches: How the VMware Anywhere Workspace Exceeds Employees’ Expectations

Age Roskam, Jesper Alberts en Johan van Amersfoort are presenting this Breakout Session:


In this session, three industry veterans will demonstrate modern workspace management in a way that’ll blow your mind! They’ll take burning topics such as device enrollment, application deployment, the distribution of Windows updates, and security, and will show how capabilities of VMware’s Anywhere Workspace solution can not only simplify their management, but also what the resulting employee experience could be like. The session is based on a project where the three presenters joined forces to deliver something magical. This is a session you won’t want to miss!

Products: VMware SASE Platform, VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, VMware Workspace ONE UEM, VMware Workspace ONE

Level: Technical 200

Enabling Developer Agility with Tanzu at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Robert Kloosterhuis is participating in this Breakout Session:


In 2019 Statistics Netherlands (CBS) adopted VMware Tanzu Application Service in order to deliver a robust and powerful application platform to their development teams. In this session, we will talk about adopting an application platform, how best to enable developers, what workloads make a good match, and some of the lessons learned. We will also look at how CBS views the future of application platforms and discuss the move to Kubernetes as a universal runtime for both development and hosting of containerized workloads. Finally, we will discuss how tools such as VMware Tanzu Application Platform are the next step on the CBS journey to deliver a secure, consistent, and optimal developer experience.

Products: VMware Tanzu, VMware Tanzu Application Platform, VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations

Level: Business 200

Industry: Government

TKG – Notes from the Field

Robert Kloosterhuis is presenting this Theater Session:


In this session I will cover some of our experiences at customers of deploying vSphere with Tanzu (TKGs) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGm), and other Tanzu products. Will include lessons-learned across areas of deployment, design, networking, storage, integration with NSX Advanced LoadBalancer (Avi) and other things worth thinking about when introducing a Kubernetes runtime.

Products: VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer, VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu, VMware Tanzu Mission Control, VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Level: Technical 200

How Can Great User Experience Improve Security?

Maarten Caus is participating in this Breakout Session: 


In this ‘must-attend’ session, we’ll show you how you can improve both your employees’ IT user experience and security. It’ll be fully interactive session with a stellar panel of legendary industry experts: VMware’s Ron Oglesby, Peter Björk, and Reinhart Nell, with Maarten Caus from VMware Partner, ITQ. Looking forward to seeing you there for some lively discussion!

Products: VMware Workspace ONE Assist, VMware Workspace ONE Experience Workflows, VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence, VMware Workspace ONE

Level: Technical 200

See the Value of a Complete Anywhere Workspace at the EUC Nerdfest 2022 

Johan van Amersfoort is presenting this Breakout Session:


After two years of showing the art of the possible of the VMware end-user computing (EUC) space—such as VDI platforms running AI/machine learning, Day 0/1 onboarding, and running VR workloads in VMware Horizon—it’s time for a third edition of this high-energy, demo-packed, real-world showcase session. This year, Johan van Amersfoort will focus on what’s possible when combining VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub with AI, security solutions, and VMware Horizon integration. This session will contain unique demos and show what employee experience, Zero Trust and self-service mean from a VMware perspective.

Products: VMware Horizon, VMware Workspace ONE Access, VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub, VMware Workspace ONE

Level: Technical 100


There are tons of reasons why you should attend VMware Explore. You will get to interact with some of the most fun and influential people in the industry. You will be able to learn from various sessions and activities conducted at the event. You will be able to learn from your peers and find out ways you can improve your business. You will also be able to find out about the latest technologies and products. You will get to play around with the latest technologies at the Hands-on Labs and see how they can be applied in your environment. You will also be able to find out about the latest developments in the industry and get an idea of where the industry is headed. You will be able to foresee the challenges that are coming your way and find ways to tackle them. And most important of all, you will have a lot of fun with other VMware enthusiasts! See you in Barcelona!

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