Vembu Backup for AWS [sponsored]

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Vembu Backup for AWS [sponsored]


Vembu BDRCloud is a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution that allows you to back up your data stored in various environments, including cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Vembu offers an agentless and cloud-native data protection solution to back up your AWS EC2 instances. Vembu even offers a free edition that allows you to backup 10 AWS EC2 instances for free. Check out for more details about the free edition.

In this blog post, we discuss how you can use Vembu BDRCloud to back up your AWS EC2 instances, the considerations when doing so, and how to set up and configure Vembu BDRCloud and your AWS account.

Deploying and setting up Vembu BDRCloud

To back up AWS resources, you must deploy a Vembu BDRCloud server in your AWS account. You can deploy the BDRCloud server using an AWS CloudFormation template provided by Vembu. This automates the deployment using AWS’ infrastructure as code service. Another option is to leverage the AWS Marketplace. This also automates the entire deployment and arguably provides a more effortless user experience. 

How to set up and configure Vembu BDRCloud and connect to the AWS account.

To use Vembu BDRCloud to back up your AWS resources, you must configure the software to connect to your AWS account. This includes setting up your AWS account’s necessary roles and permissions to allow Vembu BDRCloud to access your resources. The installation guide provides a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to set up the required permissions:

Once you have created the necessary permissions, you must provide the access keys and credentials for your AWS account to Vembu BDRCloud so that it can connect to your account and access the resources. The steps are provided here:  

You can now add the AWS Account data source to VembuBDRCloud using Backup -> Configure Backup -> Add your AWS Account to backup.

Backing up your AWS resources

Once you have Vembu BDRCloud installed and configured to connect to your AWS account, you can start backing up your AWS resources. Here’s how:

Select the AWS resources you want to back up: You can select the specific AWS resources you want to back up.

Specify the backup schedule and retention policy: You can specify the frequency with which you want backups of your selected AWS resources and the retention policy for the backups. The retention policy determines how long backups are kept before they are deleted.

Start the backup process: Once you have configured the backup schedule and retention policies, you can start the backup process in Vembu BDRCloud. The software automatically backs up your selected AWS resources according to your specified schedule.

Considerations when backing up AWS with Vembu BDRCloud

There are several considerations to keep in mind when backing up your AWS resources with Vembu BDRCloud:

  • Size of backup: The size of your backups depends on the amount of data you are backing up and the frequency of backups. You should ensure sufficient storage capacity to handle the size of your backups. When storing your backup data on AWS, you should also be aware of the costs involved. AWS resources are billed on a per-use pricing model.
  • Recovery time: In the event of a disaster, it may take some time to recover your data from the backups created by Vembu BDRCloud. The recovery time depends on the size of your backups and the speed of your network connection. It is best to consider recovery time when planning your disaster recovery strategy. If you need to restore data from another region or from an on-premises data center, recovery costs will come into play.


Vembu BDRCloud is a powerful solution for backing up your data stored in AWS. If you follow the steps outlined in this blog post, you can use Vembu BDRCloud to back up your AWS resources and ensure that your data is protected during a disaster. Be aware of the considerations discussed in this post when planning your backup and disaster recovery strategy.

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