Mark your calendars for Runecast SecOps 360 Day on June 22nd

Mark your calendars for Runecast SecOps 360 Day on June 22nd

Runecast is hosting a virtual event called SecOps 360 on June 22nd, aimed at bridging the gap between IT and Security teams. This event comes at a crucial time when the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, posing challenges for businesses in fostering collaboration between these teams. The one-day virtual bootcamp aims to provide participants with the latest tools, insights, and principles to improve cross-team processes and strengthen their organization’s security posture.

Originally known for its VMware-focused operations, Runecast has expanded its scope to include support for multiple clouds and platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and VMware in the field of Security Operations (SecOps). This broadened expertise positions Runecast as a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity practices.

Bridging the Gap between IT and Security

The theme of the SecOps 360 Day event is “Bridging the Gap Between IT & Security Teams.” It specifically targets those looking to synchronize their IT Security and Operations teams more effectively. Through a series of interactive sessions, expert presentations, and collaborative discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights into new tools and principles that can help improve cross-team processes and cooperation.

About the event

SecOps 360 Day offers a diverse range of learning opportunities. Renowned industry leaders will deliver keynote presentations, sharing their experiences, insights, and vision for the future of collaboration between IT and Security teams. Participants will have the chance to engage in open chat sessions and a cybersecurity AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, where they can ask questions, gain insights, and learn from professionals shaping the cybersecurity landscape.

Networking opportunities are a key feature of SecOps 360 Day, enabling participants to connect with peers from around the globe.

The event offers a great line-up of speakers who will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for better IT and security collaboration. Speakers include Muhammad Adel, Head of IT at Paymob; Taylor Parsons, Technical Customer Success at Sevco Security; Katy Craig, Staff Security Engineer at G2 Ops; Stanimir Markov, CEO and Co-founder of Runecast; Markus Strauss, Chief Product Officer at Runecast; Michiel de Lepper, Global Enablement Manager at Runecast; Steve Bettison, Lead Technical Sales Engineer at Runecast; and Steve Salisbury, Product Marketing Specialist at Runecast.

Call for papers

SecOps 360 Day also invites experts in the field of cybersecurity and operations to share their knowledge and expertise. The call for papers is still open, providing an opportunity for professionals to contribute and shape the event’s content.

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