Achievement unlocked: VCDX #252

“And, And … And????” This was the short cryptic WhatsApp message I received last Wednesday evening from my ITQ co-worker Marco van Baggum (VCDX #223) while tending to my kids’ supper. I jumped to my email and there was the message I have been waiting for for just over a week: From: [email protected] Subject: VCDX-DCV Defense ...

VCDX5-DV: t-minus 5 days to submission

06. March 2017 Study, VCDX 0
It has been awful quiet on my blog. As some of you might know, I’m working towards my VCDX5-DV certification and all the spare time I was not spending with my family got eaten up by VCDX. There simply was no time left to blog. Thankfully the finish is near and I will be submitting ...

Consuming the VMware NSX API

30. November 2016 NSX, SDDC 0
Using the NSX API as a consumption layer VMware’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution NSX is architecturally separated in different planes: the management plane, the control plane and the data plane. Right at the top of these three planes sits the consumption layer of NSX. This can be the vSphere Client GUI, a Cloud Management solution ...

VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

18. October 2016 Cloud 2
VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture
Hybrid Cloud ambitions Hybrid Cloud computing popularity is growing at enormous pace. Enterprises are reaping the benefits of hybrid cloud and all major cloud providers are aiming  to deliver a  unified, enterprise ready hybrid cloud experience to their customers. Microsoft is putting its money on Azure Stack, Amazon is focussing more and more on delivering ...

VMware announces vSphere 6.5 at VMworld Europe 2016

18. October 2016 vSphere 0
VMware announces vSphere 6.5 at VMworld Europe 2016
VMware announces vSphere 6.5 at VMworld Europe Today, VMware announced vSphere 6.5 at VMworld Europe in Barcelona. This new version builds on the foundation of previous vSphere versions and contains some big enhancements to core vSphere features. HTML5-based vSphere Client Perhaps one of the most anticipated features is the new HTML5-based vSphere Client. This new ...

NSX Troubleshooting and vCloud Director

08. September 2016 Cloud, NSX 1
NSX Troubleshooting and vCloud Director
NSX and vCloud Director lab problems I had to do some NSX troubleshooting on a lab environment running vCloud Director and NSX yesterday with a colleague. Apparently something broke in our lab during an NSX upgrade and the quick ad dirty decision was made to just reinstall NSX. As it turns out, the hosts were not ...