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About the Runecast platform

Runecast is an AI-driven platform that offers continuous risk-based vulnerability management and compliance assessment for a wide range of environments, including VMware, AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and Windows and Linux OS, and air-gapped environments. It provides all these capabilities in a single and agentless platform that can be deployed in just 15 minutes.

Runecast provides an unified dashboard to bridge the gap between DevSecOps and IT Operations teams to take a proactive approach to Security and Compliance.  

How Runecast Helps Security Teams

As modern organizations embark on digital business transformation the complexity and distribution of IT infrastructure increase and the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks also rises. 

Organizations need a comprehensive solution that automates multi-cloud and cross-platform scanning of vulnerabilities, best practices, and security regulations to overcome these challenges.

With Runecast, organizations can streamline their security tools and avoid tool sprawl within their environment. By serving as a centralized source of truth, Runecast enables security teams to efficiently manage cyber risk. It achieves this by combining vulnerability assessment with continuous compliance analysis against a wide range of security compliance profiles, best practices, and security hardening guides.

How Runecast Help IT Operations Teams

The use of a traditional reactive monitoring and a break/fix approach has a detrimental impact on operational efficiency. Delayed issue identification, long troubleshooting cycles, and undiagnosable problems lead to downtime. Additionally, configuration drift, upgrades, and hardware incompatibilities pose a heightened risk of unexpected outages, while a significant portion of problems could have been prevented through proactive measures.  

Organizations need to adopt a single platform that helps IT Operations teams to efficiently detect issues and monitor changes to stay ahead of potential problems. 

Runecast’s unique AI-powered automation empowers organizations to proactively identify and remediate all known issues in their environments significantly reducing troubleshooting efforts and improving operational efficiency. 

Runecast leverages log analysis, a comprehensive knowledge base, and best practices guidelines to identify potential outage risks before they occur for systems on various platforms, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, VMware, Windows, and Linux.

Moreover, Runecast Configuration Vault maps out configurations and enables teams to compare changes between points in time, creating a baseline to instantly see all the differences between assets. Additionally, it conducts continuous scans against the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), streamlining the upgrade process and effectively addressing any misconfigurations encountered along the way.

Enable your team, future-proof your organization

Runecast’s capabilities allows organizations to effective address the five stages of the Cyber Exposure Lifecycle: 

Discover: Runecast performs comprehensive asset discovery across multiple platforms, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, VMware, Windows, and Linux, providing inventories of hosts, VMs, services, networks, and disks.

Assess: Runecast prioritizes vulnerabilities based on severity and impact, verifies host information, and evaluates additional criteria to accurately determine vulnerability validity.

Report: Analysis results are displayed on an intuitive web-based dashboard with custom report downloads and email alerts, allowing teams to track security posture and identify trends.

Remediate: Runecast provides remediation information and custom-tailored scripts to run in PowerCLI, AWS CLI, or as Ansible playbooks for swift, proactive remediation.

Verify: With every new analysis, users can see the evolution of actions taken to remediate issues and understand how vulnerability impact has decreased, reducing attack surface.

Imagine proactive approaches to…

IT Operations Management 

Cloud & Kubernetes Security Posture Management (CSPM, KSPM)

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management

Vulnerability Assessment and Management


In conclusion, Runecast is an AI-driven platform that offers continuous risk-based vulnerability management and compliance assessment for various environments. It bridges the gap between DevSecOps and IT Operations teams, enabling a proactive approach to security and compliance. By consolidating security tools into a unified dashboard, it streamlines operations and empowers security teams to efficiently manage cyber risk. Runecast’s AI-powered automation identifies and remediates known issues, reducing troubleshooting efforts and downtime. It also helps organizations detect potential outage risks in advance, maintaining a stable environment. Overall, Runecast provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to enhance security, reduce operational complexity, and future-proof their IT infrastructure. Leveraging AI-driven capabilities, Runecast enables efficient risk management, compliance assessment, and operational optimization within a single platform.

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Runecast Solutions Ltd. is a leading global provider of a patented solution for IT Security and Operations teams. Forward-focused enterprises like Avast, DocuSign, and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) rely on Runecast for proactive risk mitigation, security compliance, operational efficiency and mission-critical stability. Headquartered in London, U.K., Runecast is a Gartner Cool Vendor and has won Computing awards for Cloud Security Product of the Year and Best Place to Work in Digital. To add proactive to your IT strategy, visit