My NSX one-arm load balancing epiphany

19. December 2017 NSX, SDDC, VMware 0
My NSX one-arm load balancing epiphany
Common load balancing topologies Sometimes you stumble across something so obvious that you cannot believe you missed it. I had such a moment today. I have been discussing load balancing topologies with one of my customers in the last few days and in each discussion we stayed exactly within the predefined color lines: a one-arm ...

Consuming the VMware NSX API

30. November 2016 NSX, SDDC, VMware 0
Using the NSX API as a consumption layer VMware’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution NSX is architecturally separated in different planes: the management plane, the control plane and the data plane.¬†Right at the top of these three planes sits the consumption layer of NSX. This can be the vSphere Client GUI, a Cloud Management solution ...